Let the Game Begin

Let the Game Begin, Post-Production

Genres: Comedy
Director: Amit Gupta
Starring: Thomas Ian Nicholas, Adam Rodriguez, Lisa Ray, Lochlyn Munro, James Avery, Michael Madsen, Caroline Neron and Stephen Baldwin

When Max becomes a successful entrepreneur, he learns that the woman he married has always really been interested in his money more than she was interested in him. After getting burnt by a gold-digger, his cousin Ricky, who has a special language and skills to take women from bars to bedrooms, introduces him to the world of the pickup artist. What Max learns along the way helps him gain confidence in other areas of his life, making him a master of the boardrooms and gives him the tools he needs to find a woman who likes him for who he is.

The Storyteller

Tooth and Nail, In Distribution

Distributor: Lionsgate / After Dark
Genres: Thriller/Horror
Director: Mark Young
Starring: Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Robert Carradine, Rider Strong, Rachel Miner, Michael Kelly

A group of young people, called Foragers, fight to survive against a band of vicious cannibals, known as Rovers, in a post-apocalyptic world which has been depleted of fossil fuels.


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