The Legend of Black Tom, In Development

Genres: Drama
Writer: Deron Albright

"The Legend of Black Tom" is based on the true story of Tom Molineaux, a slave in America who wins his freedom as a bare-knuckle boxer. Once freed, he goes to England to challenge Tom Cribb, the British champion. The journey that Molineaux takes from slavery and up the ranks of England's bare-knuckle circuit tells an important story about racial tolerance in the early 1800s. On December 18, 1810, Tom Molineaux fought for the bare-knuckle boxing championship against renown British champion Tom Cribb. Molineaux had risen fast under the tutelage of another former slave, Bill Richmond, and the fight was the largest event of its kind, drawing over 10,000 spectators to a field north of London. While written history records Cribb as the winner, THE LEGEND OF BLACK TOM tells the popular (and perhaps more accurate) version of what happened that day.


Float Your Boat, In Development

Genres: Drama
Writer/Director: Curt Crane

Henry, a middle-aged exterminator whose wife left him with two teen-aged kids (one pregnant), a faltering business, and a crew of oddball bug killers, meets up with Kate, a struggling singer-songwriter living in a rundown hooker motel with her precocious 10 year-old son, who spends his days in an empty cardboard dishwasher box, reading Vanity Fair Magazine. At Henry's invitation, mother and son seek a safer harbor, relocating into Henry's battered and leaky fishing boat, dry-docked on cinderblocks in his front yard. Float Your Boat is a funny, warm and unpredictable story about the relationship that develops between them all -- based on luck, heart and perseverance.


911 Kevin, In Development

Genres: Comedy
Director: Jace Alexander

A drifter escaping his past in the ashes of 9/11 wanders into a dead-end town and gives the entire populace inspiration and hope. Not everyone in town necessarily appreciates the improvements in the community however and a few miscreants dig into the drifters past. a past he doesn't necessarily want to remember.


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